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Your Path to Profit and Participation. Join us in success ! 

Be a Part of ATAS Ownership

Explore the benefits of becoming an ATAS shareholder. Gain access to exclusive perks, profit-sharing opportunities, and a voice in shaping the future of our platform. Join our community of investors and take your stake in our success today.

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Your Shareholder Journey Starts Here

Profit-Sharing Promotion

Join ATAS during this limited-time promotion and stand a chance to enjoy up to 90% profit-sharing benefits. It's a one-time investment for a lifetime of returns. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the ATAS community and secure your higher shareholder benefits.

High Commissions

ATAS offers a straightforward shareholder plan with three main levels: Shareholders, Referrers, and Players. Earn commissions ranging from 0.2% to 0.5%, with additional earnings based on downline turnover. Partner with ATAS for unlimited potential in home-based entrepreneurship.

Customer Service Support

Experience the convenience of a user-friendly online e-wallet and 24-hour customer service with ATAS. Download the ATAS APP in one minute, share invites effortlessly, and enjoy hassle-free withdrawals with just one click on the ATAS platform.

Safe and Legal

ATAS offers a safe, legally compliant gaming platform in Malaysia. With high shareholder rewards, user-friendly features, and unlimited potential, ATAS is your gateway to a lucrative and enjoyable gaming and entrepreneurial journey.

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Join Our Team for Exciting Opportunities and a Supportive Environment Where Your Skills Shine. ATAS, a place where you can thrive and grow with us!

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